Blossom Sterling Silver Filigree Adjustable Bracelet

Designer: JJ's Secret Vault


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The Story

This sterling silver filigree adjustable bracelet is a work of art and represent a Maltese tradition. The craft of making jewelry from silver threads, filigree, is distinct to the Mediterranean basin. Malta, because its geographical location and history, has a long tradition in this craft. Filigree making is passed from father to son for generations. And this spectacular piece was made by a third generation filigree silversmith, Mathew Borg, in the town of Valletta, Malta. Mathew is a true artist and does exceptional work using traditional Maltese techniques. You will always feel special wearing this one-of-a-kind bracelet. 

  • Diameter 
  • .925 Sterling Sliver with expandable band
  • Handcrafted in Valletta, Malta by Mathew Borg

 * The additional pics are of the gorgeous Port of Valleta in Malta and Mathew showing off his incredible talent (plus a pic of Mathew and me!). So much detail, precision, tradition and passion goes into each piece that Mathew makes.