Bee with Flower Post Earrings by Eric et Lydie

Designer: Eric et Lydie


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The Story

The designer, Eric of Eric et Lydie, raises bees, and these delightful earrings were inspired by his buzzing pets! We couldn't resist picking up such meaningfully inspired pieces for the shop! You will love their charm and story!

  • ~ .5" W and L 
  • Antique brass and Enamel detail - Hypoallergenic Posts
  • Handmade in France by Eric et Lydie

More About Eric et Lydie: 

Surprise and delight are two of the most important reactions I must feel when "discovering" a new artist. Without it I wouldn't present their work to you. This dynamic husband/wife design duo from the north of France clearly illicited that reaction in me and more.

This past January in Paris I met Lydie Chabot and Eric Semain for the first time and was instantly charmed by their pieces.  Whimsical, delicate and striking craftsmanship define their line. Each ring, necklace or bracelet was inspired by nature and/or jewelry worn by their grandmothers. They create their pieces using high quality materials like bronze, gold plated brass and silver. They further embellish each bijou with crystal stones, natural pearls and/or semi-precious stones.  Elegance, femininity and playfulness are exuded in their work - which has also delighted fashion and cinema luminaries who have collaborated with them for runway shows and movies.