Sterling Silver Harmony Ring

Designer: Maqui Arte


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The Story

This whimsical and detailed .950 sterling silver ring was handmade in Cusco, Peru by award winning artists, Enrique Osorio (aka: Quique) and Lourdes Huahuachampi. Together they create the design house Maqui Arte. They work exclusively with Peruvian silver and gold to craft unique, one of kind designs and only use stones native to their country and the Andean region. Their studio is set in the famous, charming, artsy quarter of Cusco called San Blas. Particularly capturing is the breezy, carefree feel of many of their rings, like this one, as well as their design work that mixes both elements of nature and symbolism.  On this ring a "figura del cisne" is featured which symbolizes harmony. The melody created by the miniature leaves impressed along side of it make it a pitch perfect accessory for your finger.

  • 1" from top to bottom and .75"W
  • Size - 6
  • Designed by Maqui Arte
  • Handcrafted in Cusco, Peru

 * The additional pics are of Maqui Arte Artist, Enrique Osorio, working his magic on a new piece, and an evening view of Plaza de Armas is the center of Cusco, Peru.