Hand Beaded Lace Collar Necklace - Black Beads

Designer: JJ Caprices Bazaar


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The Story

This silver and crystal chocker necklace is elegant and a statement. It was handmade by a lovely Otomi artisan by the name of Noemi. She and her family live about 4 hours north of Puebla, Mexico in a small isolated indigenous community called San Pablito. They come to Puebla every weekend to sell Noemi's beautiful creations. I fell in love with her colorful, unique works at the market my final morning in Puebla.  The intricate bead work utilizes traditional beadwork but presents it in a wearable art like this necklace

  • 17"L with flower pendant detail being 3.5"L - Can be made shorter
  • Bead latch closer
  • Glass Beads
  • Hand beaded by Noemi near Puebla, Mexico

 * The additional pics include an image of the beautiful "talavera" tile you can find on the facades of the buildings in the center of Puebla (the city were I curated this necklace) and one of its famous colorful streets, Callejon de Los Sapos (or Frog Alley). The final picture is of Noemi, me and her two daughters, Ingrid and Regina. She is currently teaching her older daughter, Ingrid, how to bead as well.