Crochet Earrings by AD Gioielli

Designer: Alessandra Di Pietro


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The Story

These handmade crochet earrings embellished with semi-precious stones were handmade in Sicily, Italy. The talented woman designer, Alessandra Di Pietro, uses locally crocheted elements to make splendid creations. The crochet pieces are created by a group of women using a technique called “chiarcchierino, ” which translates to, “speak really fast” in Sicilian. The women gather to gossip and, in doing so, speak really fast and therefore, crochet really fast!  The designer then takes these crocheted works and embellishes them with semi-precious stones or coral to create stunning works of wearable art.  Enjoy this one-of-a-kind treasure from Siracusa, Sicily!

  • 3.5"L X 1.25"W 
  • Semi-precious stones and hand crocheted element
  • French hook is gold plated .925 Sterling Silver
  • Designed by Alessandra Di Pietro
  • Handmade in Sicily, Italy