Hand Woven 100% Baby Alpaca Shawl - Salmon

Designer: Lazos


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The Story

This handwoven 100% baby alpaca shawl is made with silky soft and velvety smooth baby alpaca wool - which is rarer than cashmere and warmer than wool. It feels like a cloud to the touch. Master craftsman and women in Peru, using traditional methods and tools, have elegantly and expertly created this treasure that will become your favorite neck warmer and dress wrap in the upcoming winter months. Classic and will last a lifetime, it is a must-have and unique accessory straight from high in the the rugged Peruvian Andes! 

  • Size: 28"W x 74"L (with 2.5" tassles)
  • 100% Baby Alpaca Wool 
  • Handwoven in Peru

More About the Alpaca Wool:

In the extreme weather conditions of the Andes thrives the small, surefooted mammal belonging to the camel family - the alpaca (looks a lot like a llama).  As a result, alpaca wool has unique characteristics and is one of the finest and most luxurious natural fibers in the world. It is as soft as cashmere yet warmer, lighter and stronger than wool, comes in more colors than any other fiber producing animal, maintains a natural luster and, due to its lanolin content, is also water repellent. It most attractive quality, however, is its thermostatic properties that allow it stay warm in the cold and cool in the sun. It is obvious why this cashmere-like fleece was once just reserved for the Incan royalty!  Lucky us to now be able to enjoy it so readily.

**Additional picture is of one of our wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, in Peru! That is me, Jen, looking for alpaca and llamas in the ruins and the Andes.  What an amazing spot on our planet!!